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Turning the tide – Sustainable coastal tourism in the Mediterranean

We are looking for creative short films about how to make tourism more sustainable.  You can make your film personal and tell us about the places around the Mediterranean Sea which are important to you.

Perhaps you enjoy, snorkelling, swimming, sailing or other activities which get you close to nature.

Perhaps you know about places where people are making more effort to balance tourism with protecting wildlife and the coastal environment.

Or you might have great ideas about how we could do things better when it comes to holidays that do not cause damage to the natural environment.

Your story

Whichever approach you choose, we want you to use your creative, storytelling skills to address some of the following questions and issues:

  • How can we enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful coast and wildlife without destroying it?
  • Do you know of examples where tourism has caused problems with over use of resources and harm to the natural environment?
  • Do you know of examples of ‘eco-tourism’, where people can enjoy holidays but without having a negative impact on nature and cultural heritage?
  • How can more sustainable tourism bring jobs and economic benefits to coastal communities while at the same time protecting nature and wildlife?


The top three films in each age group will get a Re-Kanken rucksack from Fjall Raven made from recycled plastic bottles.  These are great for using on an outdoor holiday, while also being sustainable and protected the environment!

We also have a judges’ prize of a pair of fairtrade vegan and sustainable flip-flops from Ethletic.


How to enter

    1. There are two different age groups so choose your range: 13-17 or 18-25
    2. You can work alone or with a group, but you must all be in the same age group
    3. Complete the entry form giving your contact details
    4. If you are entering from a school or group you can give us that information too
    5. Produce your short film, just 3-5 minutes long
    6. You can make the film in any language but you must add English subtitles
    7. You may submit a previous film if it has been made within 12 months
    8. Complete the entry form below and send the film to filmcompetition@responseable.eu using wetransfer.com

Do not forget

  • Send your film by February 5, 2018
  • Only use music which is free or licensed
  • Ask permission from people that you film
  • Your film should be in English or have English subtitles
  • Your film should be 3 – 5 minutes long
  • You must live in the European Union

The judging team will review all the films and select a shortlist which will then go online for the public vote from February 12, 2018 to March 19, 2018.  Winners will be announced on March 26, 2018

Background Information

With its sunny climate, warm blue seas, natural riches, and long cultural history, the Mediterranean is a huge draw for holidaymakers. Each year the region attracts over 300 million international visitors and one third come to holiday by the sea – whether it is boating, swimming, diving or just relaxing on the beach. Tourism is also a major industry, bringing employment and much needed income to areas where jobs can be hard to find.

Yet there is a downside to mass tourism: over half of the Mediterranean coast has now been concreted over and some pristine locations have been damaged by over development; towns and villages can be swamped by tourists and wildlife and nature can be harmed; hotels and tourist facilities can use too much water and create unmanageable waste and pollution. Decades of mass tourism have damaged the very natural beauty that attracted visitors in the first place.

Fewer people are opting for package holidays, and increasing numbers of people are looking for a different type of holiday involving independent travel and a more responsible approach.

Let’s participate