Protecting the ocean: our collective responsibility, our common interest

Supporting the development of cost-effective ocean literacy in Europe


How can we encourage Europeans to take a closer interest in their oceans and to treat them with greater respect and understanding? That’s the over-riding objective of ResponSEAble, an ambitious, 15-partner project. Our project is funded by Horizon 2020, ResponSEAble is mapping European marine research and knowledge to further our understanding of complex human-ocean relationships and the economic benefits that we derive from our seas and the ecosystems they support.

The project is also working on a raft of exciting media and outreach activities including films and film making competitions, an educational computer game and other learning materials, a social media campaign and an interactive website. The project’s media outreach aims to connect with a wide range of audiences. By generating greater public debate and knowledge, ResponSEAble, intends to support all sectors of European society take a more informed and responsible attitude and help secure healthier and more sustainable oceans.


  • International Black Sea Conference

    5 June 2017
  • World Oceans Day

    8 June 2017
  • 8th Annual Forum of the Baltic Sea, Berlin

    13 June 2017
  • CMT 2017

    13 June 2017
  • ResponSEAble Baltic/North Sea workshop

    14 June 2017
  • Marine Environmental Awareness Course 2017

    15 June 2017
  • oceans’17 MTS/ieee aberdeen

    19 June 2017
  • CHAM International conference in Lisbon

    12 July 2017
  • Our Ocean 2017 conference in Malta

    5 October 2017
  • EMSEA Conference 2017 in Malta

    7 October 2017
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